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Community: Groups Overview


Community Group Structure
A community group gathering has four essential components and is structured around groups, group leaders and shepherds.

The four essentials:

  • Meeting Together: This is an opportunity to meet with people and with God on a regular basis. Most groups meet twice a month.
  • Praying Together: Community groups share their struggles, needs, joys and sorrows with each other in prayer.
  • Growing Together in God's Word: Many groups begin with a sermon based discussion, the questions are prepared for you in advance and are available on Calvary's website.
  • Caring for One Another: Community is one of the primary places where care is received, and demonstrated, at Calvary Church.

The Community Group Leader (Job Description)
Leading a community group at Calvary involves four major activities:

  • Scheduling bi-weekly meetings whether in your home, rotating homes or a designated host home.
  • Facilitating group discussion
  • Praying for your group
  • Coordinating care for your group

The Community Group Shepherd (Job Description)
Shepherding Community Group consists of the following components:

  • Leading: 
    • Reinforce Calvary Community's mission with each group 
    • Ensure each leader understands the training process and attends the training sessions
    • Interface with Leadership Portal and Toolbox
    • Attend monthly Shepherd meetings
  • Shepherding:
    • Provide care and prayer for each group leader
    • Build a caring relationship with each leader
    • Meet one-on-one with leaders quarterly
  • Managing
    • Make regular contact with group leader to inquire about praises, concerns and prayer requests
    • Visit each group quarterly to help assess the health and needs of the leader and their group
  • Participate in Community Group Launches

Community Group Training Process
Community Group Leaders follow a three-tiered training track.

  • Track I is for the beginning group leader and involves an orientation for leading community groups, individual meetings with a Shepherd and online training tools.
  • Track II is for the intermediate group leader and involves a combination of one-on-one time with a shepherd, online training tools and training classes.
  • Track III is for the experienced group leader and involves collaboration and mentoring.