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Calvary Church GR


Operations is a title used to describe the “behind-the-scenes” functions which provide the infrastructure to support all of the “front line” ministries here at Calvary Church.

Facility Services
Facility Services supports ministry at Calvary through custodial and maintenance functions. The Facilities staff also has a direct ministry and privilege to work with the Community Service Program through our county court system hosting those with minor offenses. We have been able to show Christ’s love and share the gift of salvation with many of these individuals as they work with us in keeping the facility clean. Large portions of the care of our buildings and grounds are done by congregation members that have found using their God-given talents in a very hands-on way is rewarding.

Financial Services
The Financial Services Team provides many services for our staff and our congregation involving the financial support of our congregation through offerings, online giving, special project fundraising, events and mission trips. It is through this financial support that we are able to do much of what God calls us to do. God has blessed Calvary Church through our generous donors and we work to be good stewards of the resources God has given us to further advance God’s kingdom and to be Christ’s Church in this place.

Culinary Services
The Culinary Service Team serves during times of sorrow and celebration, for all types of meetings and ministry gatherings.  Every time of service represents smiles, hugs and fellowship that directly reflect Calvary’s mission “to equip followers of Jesus” in a most basic and convenient way, providing refreshment and physical nourishment. In more common terms, Culinary Services provides an excuse for the Calvary family to get together, whether it’s in the Calvary Café on Sunday morning or at Wednesday Fellowship Dinner.

Technical Services 
The Technical Services Ministry provides many services for our staff and our congregation as well as online audio and video of live services and past message archives. We are able to make the preaching-teaching ministry of Calvary available on CD to you as well. We recognize that CDs are not a substitute for the fellowship of God’s people in the local assembly. However, they can be helpful in home studies and in meeting needs for the sick, shut-in, missionaries and those who do not have a church available where God’s Word is believed and ministered with conviction.